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The Brazilian rhythmic richness of CULTURAL TRAITS

Cultural Traits is a Band from Paraty/Angra dos Reis- RJ which brings the mixture of Rock, Metal and Fusion with Brazilian rhythms.


Our Story

CULTURAL TRAITS started its activities in 2020 and in 2021 releases its first EP. 
It's formed by three multi-instrumentalists and it explores sounds that seek synergy between these two worlds. On the one side, 7-string guitars, low tunings, drums with a strong Metal Fusion influence, and on the other side Brazilian instruments such as Berimbau, Triangle, Zabumba, among others.
This first work has as themes struggles of everyday life, social problems and also brings in the tracks "Don't live It for later" and "Honey", which is an apology to love. Cultural Traits EP was recorded at Riomar and V.A. Studio and produced by Victor Andrade.


A riqueza rítmica brasileira do CULTURAL TRAITS

Banda de Paraty/Angra dos Reis- RJ traz a mistura de Rock, Metal e Fusion com ritmos brasileiros.

O CULTURAL TRAITS inicou suas atividades em 2020 e em 2021 lança seu primeiro EP. 
Formado por três multi-instrumentistas, explora sonoridades que buscam a sinergia entre estes dois mundos. De um lado, guitarras de 7 cordas, afinações graves, uma bateria com forte influência do Metal Fusion, do outro instrumentos brasileiros como berimbau, triângulo, zabumba, entre outros.
Este primeiro trabalho tem como temas lutas do cotidiano, problemas sociais e traz também nas faixas Don't live It for later e Honey uma apologia ao amor. Gravado nos estúdios Riomar e V.A. Studio e produzido por Victor Andrade.


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